Windproof Umbrella Reviews

Welcome to Windproof Umbrellas, an independent buyers guide for everything related to the windproof umbrella. On our site you will find expert advice and consumer reviews that will help you learn about the best buys and match the best brolly to your needs.

We have one of the largest collections of gust proof umbrellas on the web, why waste your money on cheap flimsy brollies that fall to pieces when the first gust of wind comes along? if you spend just a few pounds more your umbrella may even out live you!


Bestselling Windproof Umbrellas

Below you will find some of the best selling windproof umbrellas in the United Kingdom, built to stand-up to all the wind and rain our little island can throw at us.


Gustbuster Metro

Gustbuster Metro Windproof Umbrella

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From: £28.99

Gustbuster Classic

Gustbuster Classic Windproof Umbrella

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From: £28.00

Gustbuster Pro Golf

Gustbuster Pro Golf Windproof Umbrella

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From: £29.99

Gustbuster Pro Series 62″

Gustbuster Pro Series 62 Windproof Umbrella

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From: £28.05

Totes Auto Double Canopy

Totes Auto Double Canopy Windproof Umbrella

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From: £17.99

Blunt Original 6 Rib Black

Blunt Original 6 Rib Black Windproof Umbrella

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From: £44.00

Blunt Original Aqua Blue

Blunt Original Aqua Blue Windproof Umbrella

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From: £44.00

Fulton Stormshield Mens

Fulton Stormshield Mens Windproof Umbrella

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From: £25.49

Fulton Men’s Open & Close

Fulton Men's Open & Close Windproof Umbrella

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From: £17.99

Totes SENZ Stick Umbrella

Totes SENZ Stick Windproof Umbrella

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From: £44.95

Nike Windproof Umbrella

Nike Windproof Umbrella

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From: £23.70

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing Windproof Umbrella

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From: £39.99


Why Buy a Windproof Umbrella

So you wake up in the morning, draw the curtains and take a peak outside, guess what? It’s another wet, rainy and very windy day in the United Kingdom. On the way out of the door you reach for your cheap umbrella which you know full well will never keep you dry on your way to work and you will spend most of the time fighting to keep it the right way up.

Why do we continue to buy cheap, untrustworthy and quite frankly extremely poor brollies that we know too well will never hold up to our beautiful British weather system? Are we all cheapskates perhaps? Did we forget that we only bought our last brolly less than 3 months ago and it’s already fallen to pieces? Well, how about this time you invest just 10 pounds more in a windproof umbrella that will not only last longer than a Big Mac with extra cheese but also keep you bone dry and spare your sanity at the same time.

We have reviewed the best wind resistant brolly makers to help you in deciding with whom you can trust to keep you dry during a torrential downpour on a typical windy day in the British Isles.

Gustbuster are the number one choice of PGA Tour Golfers, if you are willing to spend a little more that you can be sure of a brolly that that will keep you dry on the windiest of days since Gustbusters and have been certified by the College of Aeronautics to withstand winds of 55+ mph and above.

Totes have been selling fine quality umbrellas in the UK for over 25 years, their name simply screams quality and through our own tests we are confident that Totes will keep the rain and wind at bay.

Fulton design and develop some of the finest brollies that money can buy and have been doing so since 1956. The name Fulton exudes British heritage, quality design and trust at the highest level.

Blunt umbrellas are simply the best that money can buy. They have been tested in wind tunnels with wind speeds of up to 70 mph, rest assured that if you buy a Blunt umbrella you will stay dry on the wettest, windiest and harshest days that the UK can deliver.

About the Umbrella

An umbrella, also called a parasol or a brolly is a shield designed to protect against rain, wind and sunshine. Parasol typical refers to sun umbrellas where as umbrella is used to provide protection against rain. There are many different sizes of umbrella available, from giant umbrellas designed to comfortably keep two people dry to mini umbrellas that will comfortably fit into a small bag. The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow.

Umbrellas also have other uses in addition to the more traditional use of keeping you dry. They can be used by photographers to reduce glare and create a more comfortable lighting environment. They can also be used as a means of self-defense in the right hands.